Casual Core is looking for more players to do something stupid! We have built a community of players who while helpful, are complete smart-asses. We are a sarcastic bunch that enjoys chatting in discord and building elaborate structures or taming and breeding all the beasties on the island for an idiot brigade cave diving expedition or the next boss to get that sweet tek gear. Our players are typically a little on the ahem more advanced end the age spectrum, but we have a pretty decent age range of players.  If you’re looking for a place to call home (where you don’t have to worry about being yourself) Casual Core may be the place for you. Our core group has been playing together for over a year now, we are on map wipe 9 or 10 (last island wipe was back in March). We try to make major decisions as a community (admins have the final say, but the majority tends to rule).

Please join us in Discord – we are a chatty bunch, just not so much with in game chat.  Please feel free to hop in text chat (it can make boredom at work pass practically unnoticed (well maybe not unnoticed, but at least you can laugh at the stupidity…and the discord apps for Android and iPhone are pretty light-weight), and if you can handle the idiocy the voice chat is amazing free entertainment!


Ark Server Info :

Server Hosting Country: United States (New York – Eastern Time Zone)

Hello everyone! If you are looking for a fun & social unofficial PVE ark server look no more! Our active admin team includes a husband (Canavar) and wife (Sinyk), as well as a long time community member (Gambit).  We welcome you to come to us with any issues you encounter (within reason – we a are not a wish granting factory).  If you get your dino killed, we’re not going to spawn a new one for you, but if your dino glitches through the world we’ll try to find it for you if we have time.  Our goal is to form a very tight knit, social community (trading, roleplaying, community events, etc). We use voice chat (Discord) on the regular as well. The community is friendly…so long as you understand sarcasm, if help is needed, or you are just in the mood to talk come join us at Casual Core and chat it up! The server was wiped in March!

I encourage you to read the rules and description carefully before you join the server.

Description (non boosted server rates):

    • Island Map  / PVE / Community
    • 10x XP speed
    • 10x Gathering
    • 5x Egg laying speed
    • 10x Taming speed
    • 10x Breeding speed
    • 10x Egg incubation speed
    • 10x Baby maturation speed
    • 5.0 difficulty (wild dinos go up to level 150)

Note: ALL Settings are subject to change based upon what the community wants. Requests for tweaks of the settings are welcomed. Have ideas for a community event let us know!


    • You MUST be able to speak/communicate in English. (If you can’t read/speak English, then unfortunately you can’t understand the rules).
    • No building on large resource spawns including but not limited to: Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal.
    • Please do not build right next to another person’s base, if it prevents them from expanding. If you have questions ask in chat.
      Do not build within render distance of another tribe.
    • No stealing/begging/trolling/causing drama.  Unfortunately these are ban-able offenses, again if you have questions please pm an admin in discord..
    • IF YOU OPEN A BEAVER DAMN EMPTY IT!  Damns will not re-spawn if you leave wood or flowers in the damn.  If we find we’re having a high number of un-emptied damns we will find out who is doing it and give a warning.  If the problem continues, we will ask that you leave the server.  Damns are extremely valuable community resources.  If you can’t follow this simple rule, CC probably won’t be the right server for you.

This server is completely drama free and we will review reports and investigate them accordingly. We are all here to have fun, and fun is what we shall have!