Megalosaurus Noctedominus

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This dossier section is intended to be an exact copy of the text in the official dossier. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game Megalosaurus.
Wild: Much like the Island’s other large theropods, Megalosaurus noctedominus is an aggressive carnivore that should not be taken lightly. Unlike most of the other theropods, it is a primarily nocturnal creature. As dawn approaches, Megalosaurus begins looking for a secluded place to spend the day sleeping in relative safety.
Domesticated: While Megalosaurus is not the most powerful theropod, it is still highly sought after by night-raiders. Due to its nocturnal nature, Megalosaurus becomes much more formidable at night – dodging attacks, conserving stamina, and attacking more accurately, to name a few of its enhanced talents.
Known Information: Conversely, if disturbed during the day, Megalosaurus is significantly more sluggish. Either way, however, its primary combat tactic is to bite onto its target, then lock its jaws shut in an iron-strength grip. Only larger creatures can hope to break free once Megalosaurus locks its jaw. The creature then proceeds to gnaw on its prey until death. It’s a terrifying, grisly spectacle to watch, and a formidable tactic for a tribe to employ against more nimble targets.

Megalosaurus is a fierce predator at night, actively hunting many types of animals. However during the day it lies down and falls asleep. While a sleeping Megalosaurus can be approached safely, if touched or attacked it will awaken suddenly. If awoken, it will pursue the player for a short distance and will move sluggishly and its attacks will be weaker.

The Megalosaurus is a nocturnal theropod resembling something akin to a smaller version of the Allosaurus. It avoids competition with its fellow large theropods by hunting at night, striking at herbivores or survivors when they are at their most vulnerable. Uniquely among ARK’s large carnivorous dinosaurs, it is feathered.

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