Casual Core Server INFO – New Players Please READ!!!

Server name on arks list: Casual Core

Server Hosting Country: United States (New York – Eastern Time Zone)

Hello everyone! If you are looking for a fun & social unofficial PVE ark server look no more! We have active admins, we welcome you to come to us with any issues you encounter (within reason – we a are not a wish granting factory). We want to form a very tight knit community (trading, roleplaying, community events, etc). We use voice chat (Discord) on the regular as well. The community is very social, so if help is needed, or you are just in the mood to talk come join us at Casual Core and chat it up! The server was wiped in March!

I encourage you to read the rules and description carefully before you join the server.

Description (non boosted server rates):


    • Island Map  / PVE / Community
    • 10x XP speed
    • 10x Gathering
    • 5x Egg laying speed
    • 10x Taming speed
    • 10x Breeding speed
    • 10x Egg incubation speed
    • 10x Baby maturation speed
    • 5.0 difficulty (wild dinos go up to level 150)

Note: ALL Settings are subject to change based upon what the community wants. Requests for tweaks of the settings are welcomed. Have ideas for a community event let us know!


    • You MUST speak English. (If you can’t read/speak English you can’t understand the rules).
    • No building on large resource spawns including but not limited to: Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal.
    • Please do not build right next to another person’s base, if it prevents them from expanding. If you have questions ask in chat. Do not build within render distance of another tribe.
    • No stealing/begging/trolling/causing drama.

This server is completely drama free and we will review reports and investigate them accordingly. We are all here to have fun, and fun is what we shall have!

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