Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt is Under Way!

Vaults – they will be numbered. If there is loot in them they will have a password.  Vaults will be re-used so don’t tell others where you find them.  (not a rule…just will make it less fun…) And you may want to write down where you find any in your travels…hint … hint…

When/if you find a vault with a password – msg an admin in discord and we’ll give you a pin to open the vault.  Once you empty it, the password will be removed and the pin will be reset, until its filled again.

All vaults will be filled once…some vaults will be filled more than once.  You can claim each vault only once.

Dinos – will be spawned at lvl 155.  If you find a special dino and you want it, you call out the co-ords and it’s your responsibility to tame it.  You knock it out or do the passive tame.   The admins will provide the best food for the tame.

Good luck!!!

*If you find a vault while Canavar and Sinyk are offline, you will need to pm Sinyk in Discord with the password.  The first person to pm me will receive the pin when I wake-up/log in.*

Don’t forget to join us in Discord 


Check out Pictures of the special dinos below!


Casual Core Update

Well folks it’s been a little while since the site has been updated and I apologize that.  I’ve been sick for the last month or so … plus I started a new job at the beginning of the year.  Ok…enough with the excuses.  Here’s what’s going on over the course of the next week.

We’re changing our Server Hosting on the morning of Wednesday 5/24.  All we’re doing is moving the saved file from our current hosting to the new company.  THIS IS NOT A WIPE.  I REPEAT…THIS IS NOT A WIPE! 

So.  We will be leaving the Message of the Day up on the existing server and making it last an obnoxiously long time.  So that hopefully we lose as few people as possible.  Because…well we do this for the community after all.  (blech…I know)

So what does this mean for you?  Well the only change is the IP Address will be and log in there instead of the current IP.  Easy – peasy.  Your character will be there ready and waiting for you at some point between 7am and 9am EST 5/24.  After the new server goes live the old server will still be there, but all new game files will be stored on the new guy.

I feel like this sounds a whole lot more complicated than it really is.  Have questions?  (I don’t blame you!)  Reach out in discord to Canavar or Sinyk and we’ll get you squared away.  Link to Discord